1. How can I gain access to MyEmploysure?

You must be a registered client of Employsure to gain access. Once on board you will receive detailed information on how to register.

2. How do I become a client of Employsure?

Please call us on 1300 651 415, pressing option 2 and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you.

3. I am a client and already have access. Can I add people to my account this way?

No. Please contact Employsure directly to add people to your account on 1300 651 415 or email client.experience@employsure.com.au.

4. Can I pay my Employsure invoice via MyEmploysure?

No. The way to pay your invoice will be detailed on the email sent containing your payment advice. Contact Employsure directly if you have any specific concerns.

5. What information or functionality is available once I login in?

Once you have been invited to register, you will be advised on all functionality and information available. Please contact Employsure directly if you have a specific question.

6. Is this a forum to upload information, questions and/or issues I am currently facing within my business to receive the appropriate advice?

No. All client concerns are dealt with in a strictly private and confidential manner by a professional Adviser. Please contact our Advice line on 1300 651 415, pressing option 3 to speak to a dedicated Adviser, available day or night.

7. If I am a client and cannot login or am experiencing any other difficulties with the system, who do I contact?

Please contact us directly so we can rectify the issues as soon as possible. Call us on 1300 651 415 or email myemploysure@employsure.com.au.